Tips To Make Your Move To Fort Lauderdale Simple

The move to a new home can be an exciting adventure – the beginning of a brand-new chapter in your life, with only the title in place and the rest of it just waiting to be written. Or it can be a frustrating, anxiety-filled experience – an undertaking you look forward to with dread and try to forget when it’s over. The difference lies mostly in the preparation. So here are some tips to make your move to Fort Lauderdale simple.


The first, most important, and easiest thing you can do to make your move to Fort Lauderdale simple is to declutter well before even thinking about packing up. If you get rid of all that stuff you don’t really need or use, you won’t have to move it. This seems obvious enough, but all of us have a hard time getting rid of things.

If you declutter thoroughly, not only will you have fewer things to pack and move, but you’ll also save money. Movers charge based on three considerations: the distance, the weight, and the volume. When you declutter beforehand, then, your load will be lighter and will occupy less space (less volume). The result will be a lower bill from the moving company. (Your agent can even help in finding the best moving alternatives. To discover more about this, just call 1 (800) 344-4164.)

Make a List and a “Command Center”

Next, to make your move to Fort Lauderdale simple, make a list and write everything down. Before you even begin packing, you should set up a system for keeping records and keeping track of belongings. A good way to proceed is to print a numbered list with blanks following the numbers where you can describe the contents of boxes and have a number associated with each box. In addition, you should have a “command center” where you keep – and can find – all your supplies: labels, pens, tape, folded boxes, and so on. Just a little organization makes everything a lot simpler.

Decrease the Number of Boxes

If you decrease the total number of boxes, you’ll have fewer to move. And, again, you’ll save money because the volume of your load will be less. Here’s an example of what you can do to decrease the number of boxes and make your move simple.

Don’t unload dresser drawers. Instead, remove the drawers. Then when the dressers are loaded on the moving truck, replace them in the dressers – which means less packing and fewer boxes. Then when you arrive at your new home and begin unloading, just reverse the process. You save time, effort, and money.

Keep Important/Urgent Items Separate

There are certain items that you will need right away when you get to your new home, and you don’t want to have to rummage through boxes to find them when you need them urgently. These items include things like soap, towels, shampoo, PJs, sheets, toilet paper, and so on. So, to make your move to Fort Lauderdale simple, have a specially designated tub (or tubs) to put these things in. Just make sure it is placed in an easily accessible spot on the truck, or, better yet, take it along with you in your car.

Hire a Local Real Estate Agent

Moving, then, doesn’t have to be the utterly dreaded undertaking that it usually is for most of us – if you just follow these tips. The other key ingredient to make your move to Fort Lauderdale simple is hiring a qualified local agent. Such an agent (besides helping you find the home you want at a good price) can direct you to all the services and amenities that make settling in so much easier and better.

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